Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Morning Motion

In today's society it seems like everyone is in a rush. Gone are the times where people wait and see what happens; we need to make things happen. Which is why getting up and going in the morning (however hard) is important. In my film I looked to capture the rush of the morning with the twist of being put in slow motion to embody the sluggish feeling but also illustrate that there is no time to waste and that one's morning routine needs to be executed quickly. Gone are the days where we can afford to wait and see. To put this in perspective, one would only need to look and George  Washington's words, back when he was the sitting president. "We haven't heard from Benj. Franklin in Paris this year. We should right him a letter (Pg. 63)" Nowadays such time isn't even afforded for college students much less the President and his right hand man. This film looks to share the rush to get going put forth on society by new technology.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Don't Always Listen


My name is Patrick O'Mahoney and, given my ability to draw and paint, one might be suspect of my continued interest in the art courses Lawrence has to offer. Every new school year or term brings forth a common 'small talk' conversation that every student utilizes when talking to that person who you had a class with last term but whose name you can't quite remember: "So... what classes are you taking this term?" It is a conversation every student has dozens of times and, for me, takes a familiar path no matter the individual person.

'Yeah, I'm taking a couple Government courses, since that's my major, and an art class called: New Media in Art.'

*Smile of bewilderment comes across peer's face* "You're taking another art class! *laughs* Why? I remember your self portrait from last year and no offense but you're not next Van Gogh by any means my friend."

And they're right. I mean hell just look at it: 
Look at how big my hand is! Not pretty. Anyways, back to my point, I tell my suspicious peer that "this class will be different. This class suits my capabilities." The new media and technology will bring out the creativity that I, and most individuals have, that is usually subdued to not having steady hands or the patience to create with paint and paper. I believe way too many people struggle with the curriculum in public schooling art courses that focus on drawing and crafting. Too many people, myself included, have been told by teachers or adults that 'we're just not that artistic and that's okay. But its bullshit! It is cliche but all subjects and activities are an 'art' if you will. People just need to be shown what field of art suits them. While I'm not suggesting we need to enroll the 2nd graders of America in Graphic Design courses we do need to encourage continuous attempts with different mediums to help people find they're creative, artistic niche rather than telling them to neglect art and focus on other subjects because at a young age they made a crappy Mother's Day card in their class.
In the 7th grade I received a failing grade in my art class with a percentage score of 58%. An inability to create at a high level and, at the time, an untreated  case of ADHD meant that I quickly got on the bad side of my teacher. Did I act immaturely in that class? You bet. Did I strive to do my best all the time? No. But part of the reason for my behavior was that I had always been told, and had it reinforced by my teacher, that I was not the artistic type. Out of fear of similar results to the worst grade I had ever received, I didn't take a single art class during my four years of high school. It wasn't until my sophomore year here at Lawrence, with the protection of the S/U option, where I said, 'You know what, this course description interests me and I don't care how my art compares to others or what others think of it, I'm taking this class dammit. And it was a blast! Sure as noted above I didn't do all that well but it challenged me and opened doors where I may find greater success. Which brings me to my enrollment in this course: New Media in Art. For years I have been reading sports blogs and envisioning my own pieces without a platform to learn the intricacies and aesthetics that are required to create a presentable site. I have always believed in my writing ability and knowledge of sports; this should be a great opportunity to put it to the test. I have always wanted to start a blog about my favorite soccer team based in London, where my dad grew up, named Arsenal. I hope for it be both rich in sports literature while equally pleasing on the eyes. Here's a picture of me outside the the Emirates Stadium at age 12!

Till next time.


P.S. my mother's (and my favorite artist's) photography website -- By Marcia Mahoney