Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Project #2 - Rose Colored Ressurection

Quote considered in creative process: "Nobody now will touch it: the vein is closed down, like a mine. Science loses a precious capital, but the object will be safe - lost to science, but intact in its "virginity" It isn't a question of sacrifice, but of the simulated sacrifice of its object in order to save its reality principle."

Fresh snowfall is one of my favorite occurrences. Not only as a skier but also as a lover of nature. Flat untracked snow is as beautiful sight. Its soothing in its perfection. I also found in photography it allows the viewer to look deeper into the photo and capture the full picture, free of distraction. For my project I wanted to align before and after photos of me messing of previously untouched patches of snow. Snow is regularly pushed around from our roads and sidewalks but not generally in nature. It is usually allowed to rest in its beauty. I however wanted to exaggerate the beauty taken away from a setting when it is touched by humans. At the local park I brushed, kicked, and shook snow off various objects. The photos are taken at the exact same angles with the only difference being snow rearrangement. I hope to show how changing this pleasantry can be distracting to the viewer in taking in the full photo.

You can find my photos here

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