Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Final Project Proposal

With my final project this term I plan to extend my experience with the mediums photography and album making. Photography has been the medium of choice for me throughout the term and I had an enjoyable experience with Blurb in the creation of my Lawrence Football Viking magazine last term. This time, rather than a magazine, I'll create a photo album that touches on the different aspects of simulation Baudrillard goes through. I'm still ironing out the details in my mind of what direction I want the project to take. Its either going to be separated by chapters that will show the different themes in my first second and final photo collection or be an extension of the first collection which tried to capture simulation broadly without any continuum or central theme. No matter the decision I make I am convinced that I want to have a significant amount of text to make the product more universal than to just those who know how to spot simulation. With a mixture of quotes from Baudrillard along with my own descriptions I hope to create a project that expresses my intentions to the consumer. That said, I will be sure to keep from saying too much to allow the viewer to have their own view.


Week 7: Photo shooting / complete vision of project / Research Baudrillard + Bloom for inspiration

Week 8: Complete photo shooting / Complete quote collection / Begin editing / Begin Album Format / Hopefully Complete order

Week 9: Complete order for books / Brainstorm for presentation of product

Week 10: Presentation Preparation

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