Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Jennifer Angus Reflection

I was really amazed by Jennifer Angus and her idea of insects and pattern as a medium. Her work, again, brought be back to the idea of the ethnographer that has been so central to most of my work this term. I couldn’t help but relate it to my research project that compared ethnography as sin vs. opportunity/pleasure. Angus spoke of the ‘specimen manufacturers' that make all the 'real' insects in her works. These manufactured bugs are a true simulation and I’m sure Baudrillard would denounce the replications as something else that couldn’t be considered an real insect. Angus and Bloom would say otherwise saying these manufacturers are a necessary platform for creating her project. She couldn’t produce the work that so many seem to be attracted to without this necessary simulation. As I started the term I agreed with Baudrillard and his message, and while its not less true (that ethnography destroys the real), I am less bothered by it by the continued circumstances of seeing it as a necessary evil. 

This is what I thought about most with Angus’ lecture however there was another idea that I found fascinating but couldn’t connect it to much. Ill still share. I found it brilliant how she pointed out that people typically hate/are disgusted by insects but when they are patterned they are controlled in a way that is calming. 
She's not wrong


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  1. Definitely agree that Angus' patterns are beautiful to look at, but they are hard to connect with, particularly because they appear so generically commercial in parts and also it feels like an excessive waste of insects